Cocaine lab rolled up in Rotterdam after Encrochat investigation: 9 arrests

The Dutch police, in collaboration with the French gendarmerie, have rolled up a large laboratory for the production of cocaine in Rotterdam. More than 3.4 million were seized in cash and nine arrests were made.

Police tracked down the production lab by cracking encrypted messages from the EncroChat messaging service, Europol reports. Eighty Dutch police officers, accompanied by arrest teams and police dogs raided on Wednesday at various addresses in Rotterdam and The Hague.

Police found the drug lab in a building that also had a car garage. In that garage cars were equipped with secret compartments to transport drugs across Europe. In total, seven of these modified cars were seized, in addition to a vehicle worth 110,000 euros.

French action

According to Interpol, the drug laboratory and the garage were run by a criminal organization engaged in large-scale trade in cocaine in Europe.

The operation in the Netherlands follows a previous action by the French gendarmerie on 31 March. Which led to the arrest of eight members from the same criminal group. It also confiscated EUR 5 million in cocaine, EUR 3 million in hashish and EUR 3.4 million in cash in the area of Marseille. Further research led to the laboratory in the Netherlands.