Cocaine oket at Rome cemetery dismantled

The Italian police have dismantled a kind of cocaine locket for motorists at a large cemetery in Rome. The drug gang was able to run the drive-through service thanks to three corrupt cops.

Customers didn‘t have to leave their cars to get cocaine. They just drove past someone pretending to be a flower salesman, gave some money and got the drugs.

Police have 22 suspects in their sights in what’s called Operation Cleopatra after investigation into the Mafia. Half of them have been placed in custody. It‘s unclear whether the agents paid by the gang have been apprehended.

The dealers were mainly Egyptians who met in a cafรฉ called Cleopatra. They hid drugs in flower pots or in the bushes near their flower stable at the huge Flaminio cemetery in the north of the capital. In the evening, they shifted their trade to a nearby station, and they also traded from a butcher’s shop. The gang would convert 20,000 euros a day.