Cocu is furious at border judge: โ€œCan anyone tell why he didnt count?โ€

Phillip Cocu had to swallow another disappointing result as a trainer of Derby County. The Rams played with 1-1 at Nottingham Forest and as a result the pressure on the Dutchman increased, but Cocu himself felt that his players were nothing to blame.

In the final phase, Derbys goal was disapproved for offside. A lot of people are questioning that. โ€œThe border judge stole the victory from us,โ€ says a ferocious Cocu in front of the club channel. โ€œThere was no one who protested, not even the goalkeeper and the players of Nottingham. Then it is very strange that you are flaying for offside.โ€
The frustration with the former trainer of PSV was also high because a goal of the home team was approved under similar conditions. โ€œI think those are just the same goals. Hopefully someone can tell me why that was a valid goal and ours wasn
Cocu, who is under even more pressure due to the bad result, found it especially painful for his players. โ€œWhat they showed was fantastic, brilliant just. Then you just earn the three points. Were doing our best and the boys were playing at their top. Then you hope that it will be rewarded.โ€