Cocu may change Vitesse setup: “Thats my favorite system, yes”

Vitesse trainer Phillip Cocu has no intention of making his mark in Arnhem right away. The former midfielder states that there is no point in throwing everything upside down in the short term.
Vitesse presented Cocu on Monday evening as a successor to Thomas Letsch, who left for VfL Bochum. Vitesse‘s new coach plans to change things, but not from the start. I’m not going to mess everything up in the short term, that‘s no use, says Cocu by Voetbal International. There will be minor changes. The team must get stability, that’s what we‘re going to work on during training sessions.
In fact, I started doing that this morning, continues the practitioner. That’
s about details, small things you can already do. I have a certain vision and maybe some different ideas than the previous coach, which I want to implement. This takes time, but points must also be achieved. So you‘re going to look for a way in between. Letsch used a 3-5-2 system at Vitesse, but Cocu admits that he likes 4-3-3 more. That’s my favorite system, yes. But above all, you should look at the players you have and what you can do with them.
There is a selection, I haven‘t put it together, but I’m going to work with it. That is the disadvantage of boarding during the season. It doesn‘t mean that if you don’t have a player for a specific spot, you can‘t play that system. Maybe there are players that I think can handle a certain position. A lot of young players were brought in the last window. It’s important to form a team first.