Code Geass immortal C.C. cosplay during Obon

Cosplayer Yuna Kairi reincarnated as the witch C. C. from the anime series Code Geass.

The shooting was done by photographer Kira Mitenkova. Code Geass takes place in the world of alternative history – the Holy British Empire declares war on Japan.

Anthropomorphic combat vehicles play the role of military equipment. The witch C.

S. in the plot gives power to the Giass of the protagonist named Lelouch Lamperouge.

Yuna Kairi showed the witch C. C.

during the Japanese holiday of Obon, when the souls of the dead return to the living and visit their relatives. More at Gambling, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has developed a new procedure for accreditation of IT companies RuStore authors named the three most popular mobile games Exclusive: UFL futsim is 80% ready and should be released in scheduled date.