Colin Powell died of corona complications: ‘A great American’

Colin Powell has died of the consequences of corona. Thats what his family reports on his official Facebook page. In four decades, former General Powell served as National Security Advisor, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Minister under several Presidents. Powell was the first black foreign minister. With his speech to the UN in 2003, he was also one of the leaders of the Iraq War.

Powell was fully vaccinated but died due to complications after corona. He turned 84. โ€œWe lost a special and loving husband, father, and grandfather, and a great American,โ€ his family writes on his Facebook page.

Powell was born in the New York district of Harlem. His parents were immigrants from Jamaica. The army had only just been desegregated when Powell enlisted. Later in his career, he became the first black National Security Advisor. Under President Reagan, he negotiated with the Soviet Union towards the end of the Cold War. In 1991, he became the USs leading military man.

Between 2001 and 2005, Powell was the first black foreign minister under President George W. Bush. The Republican was seen as a moderate voice in a government full of hawks. He regularly clashed with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Vice President Dick Cheney, who are seen as the architects behind the Iraq War.

Yet Powell will be remembered mainly for his infamous speech to the United Nations Security Council in 2003, which Powell claimed that the U.S. intelligence agencies had clear indications that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. His speech led to Iraqs invasion, and a protracted war.


retrospect, the information Powell gave back then turned out to be wrong. The weapons of mass destruction were never found. He later called his UN speech a โ€œblemishedโ€ on his career, which he regretted. โ€œI regret now because the information was wrong, of course I regret,โ€ he told interviewer Larry King in 2010. โ€œI will always be seen as the person who made this plea for the international community.โ€ Powell left the Bush government in 2005

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the former general was respected by Republicans and Democrats. In the late 90s, the popular Powell was explicitly named as a presidential candidate. Powell did not see himself as a politician, but as someone who uses his experiences from the military and politics to find solutions, he said himself. โ€œPowell is a problem solver. He learned how to solve problems as a soldier. He has political opinions, but hes not an ideologist. Hes passionate, but hes not a fanatic. Most of all, hes a problem solver.โ€

In 2008, Powell was rejoiced when, as a Republican, he supported Democratic candidate Barack Obama, not John McCain. Powell famed Obamas โ€œquality to inspire.โ€ He criticized the harsh tone of the McCain campaign. After storming the Capitol in the aftermath of Trumps presidency, he distanced himself from the Republican Party.