Collision between intercity and truck filmed, train traffic still stopped for hours

Train traffic between Weert and Roermond will be at a standstill until at least 2 pm. This was caused by a collision yesterday afternoon at a level crossing in Roermond. Then a train crashed into a truck with rolls of paper that was standing still on the track. Two occupants of the train were slightly injured, says the police. The lorry driver, who jumped out of the cabin in time, remained unharmed.

Someone waiting in front of the track filmed the moment of the collision:

Employees of rail manager ProRail and a contractor worked all night to repair the damage, but according to ProRail the damage was “greater than expected”. Among other things, the level crossing installation and the catenary gantries were severely damaged, and rails had to be replaced.

The train and the truck were also severely damaged. They were taken away last night.

As a result of the collision, travellers to and from the south of Limburg suffered a great deal of inconvenience. The NS uses express buses between Weert and Roermond.