‘Combine Them or Dy’: King’s Bounty II’s new story trailer

1C Entertainment has introduced a new story trailer of the turn-based role strategy Kings Bounty II. I. Dark times have come in Nostria.

Conspiracies, betrayals and black witchcraft are all tearing the country apart. Counties demand independence, on the tracts are obnoxious robbers, and from the outskirts of the kingdom there are alarming rumors about the unprecedented power of the demise.

King Claudius poisoned and now only his son, a young Prince Hadrian, under the power to unite the separated lands when his strength and faith are subjected to various tests. But perhaps the Savior is the last hope of the kingdom, already here, ready to fight back and restore peace and order in Nostria.

Recall that in Kings Bounty II players are waiting: nonlinear storytelling; influencing the course of battle landscape; new character development system; three protagonists to choose from (each with its own unique story); decisions affecting the skills and skills gained; unique detachments; and a deep tactical system with unexpected events during Boy. Kings Bounty II will be released on August 24 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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