‘Come at age that I have to get playing time, at Ajax perspective was not there ‘

Calvin Raatsie traded Ajax for FC Utrecht due to a lack of perspective in Amsterdam. In the Dom City, there is a clear plan ready for the goalkeeper, who will probably have to keep his matches in Jong Utrecht first.
Raatsie played for Ajax for a total of nine years, but now leaves transfer-free. His debut in the main force remained out. โ€œI am now at a certain age that I need to get more playing time,โ€ Raatsie explains in conversation with the Utrecht channels. โ€œAt Ajax, the perspective was simply not there. I had good conversations with Utrecht and they were able to offer perspective. They have a plan and I look forward to following that.โ€
Jordy Zuidam gives a glimpse into that plan. โ€œCalvin will join the training with the first team. He also has the age to keep matches at Jong Utrecht. Based on training and competitions, we want to develop him further, hopefully Calvin will eventually become a fixture in the first team.โ€
Raatsie also had other options at home and abroad, but still chose Utrecht. Zuidam thinks it knows why โ€œWe offered the perspective on duels in Young Utrecht. With the trajectory we want to take on, we were able to convince him on a sporty level.โ€

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