Comedy series Frasier returns on American television

The American channel CBS is going to follow up Frasier, the successful television series about the adventures of snobbish psychiatrist Frasier Crane with his own radio show. Once again, actor Kelsey Grammer plays the title role.

Frasier is one of the most famous American comic programs of all time and was previously broadcast between 1993 and 2004, and won a record number of 37 Emmy Awards and was also featured in the Netherlands.

Protagonist Grammer says in a press release he is looking forward to โ€œa new chapterโ€ in his characters life. Frasier started in 1993 as a spin-off of bar series Cheers.

Cast still unknown

The new series will be broadcast on Paramount+, CBSs American pay-channel. According to the American channel, fans have been asking for the return of the hit series for years.

When the first broadcast is scheduled is not clear. It is also not clear which of the original cast will return. The actor who plays Frasiers father, John Mahoney, has already died.

In recent years, more American series from the 90s have been followed up. For example, sitcoms Will & Grace and Roseanne had new seasons in 2017 and 2018. Sex and the City also returns this year, as it became known in January.