Command & Conquer fans: Generals recreated strategy in Red Alert 3

Gunship Mark II enthusiast team released an early version of Command & Conquer: Generals Evolution modification is the iconic โ€œGeneralsโ€ recreated on the base technologies Red Alert 3. The developers moved virtually all units from the original, and also added a few new ones for โ€œa little revitalization of the gameplayโ€. At the same time in the near future modders plan to rest, as for public beta had to โ€œsweat a lotโ€.

โ€œWorking on the project was nothing more than a great stress. I had to sacrifice all free time and reject many offers for freelance โ€” everything, just to finish the creation of this project.

โ€ After a respite, the team will return for further work on the modification – in plans to return the missing units and introduce more infantry, as well as add a short single player campaign, several cooperative assignments and new cards for multiplayer. Gameplay More on CCeit Hasbro stopped releasing Cara Dune figures from โ€œMandalorzaโ€ Rainbow Six Quarantine officially rename, but not to โ€œParasiteโ€ Zack Snyder can do a project based on the myths of King Arthur.