“Commemoration of the Dead is not meant to be provocative”

Why does the Committee on 4/5 May each time offend the victims of the Holocaust? , CCEIT reporter Wierd Duk wonders in the podcast ‘Het land van Wierd Duk’. ,, Author Abdelkader Benali has repeatedly made abrasive statements about Jews and the State of Israel but he is nevertheless asked to pronounce the 4 May reading. After earlier Arnon Grunberg caused a fuss because he compared Moroccans to Jews. Why would you want to provoke and hurt so much?

Further on the podcast: curfew cannot be legitimized if there is no clear exit strategy behind this decision. And: how can the emotional reactions in the Netherlands explain the entry into office of Joe Biden — the personification of the political establishment in Washington? Also: what new parties have to do in order to get into the House of Representatives is not wrong. Especially in times of corona.

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