Commission must prepare memorial day corona

A committee led by the Frisian Commissioner of the King Brok must prepare a national commemoration of the corona pandemic. Previously, there were plans for such a day, but they didnt go through for all kinds of reasons.

The cabinet recently announced a โ€œCommittee to dwell on coronaโ€; that committee has now been set up and its composition has also been announced.

Secretary of State Van Ooijen for Health and Welfare emphasizes that the influence of the corona crisis is enormous and continues. That is why, according to him, it is important to reflect on the suffering of many Dutch people.

Determine date

The committee must give substance to the โ€œprocess, reflect and look aheadโ€ and one of the activities is therefore a national commemoration. The date has yet to be determined. The committee should also play a role in coordinating local commemorations.

Members of the committee include mayor Hubert Bruls van Nijmegen, broadcasting director Jan Slagter, paralympic swimmer Chantalle Zijderveld and healthcare employee Sanna Elkadiri, who was the first to be vaccinated against corona in the Netherlands.