Commission of Inquiry into Capitol Storm Wants Prosecution Steve Bannon

The special parliamentary committee investigating the storming of the Capitol wants Steve Bannon to be prosecuted for contempt of Congress. Former US President Trump‘s adviser refuses to appear at a committee hearing.

Bannon, like Trump, believes that their mutual conversations about the events were confidential. That is why the committee would not be able to force them to disclose the content, they say. In addition, Trump tries to stop the release of confidential White House documents through a court corridor.

According to committee chairman, Democrat Bennie Thompson, Bannon wants to โ€œlaunder the shameful events as a martyrโ€. Thompson stresses that the committee will not let itself โ€œdeter, distract or stopโ€. Anyway, all the facts will be over the table, he said.

It is now up to the House of Representatives, which is dominated by President Biden’s Democratic Party, to agree to the charge against Bannon. That will be voted on tomorrow. After that, it‘s up to the Department of Justice to start a criminal case against Bannon.

โ€œHell bursts looseโ€

The purpose of the Congress Committee of Inquiry is to find out the extent to which then President Trump was responsible for the storming of the Capitol, which killed five people.

Trump is said to have urged his supporters not to resign themselves to the election results and go to the Parliament building, where the Senate was officially ratifying Joe Biden’s election victory on 6 January. The president at the time insisted that Biden was wrongly declared the winner. Trump came up with false claims about fraud.

According to the researchers, Bannon played a role in storming on several crucial points. He said one day in advance that the next day โ€œhell will eruptโ€. That would indicate that he had prior knowledge about the expected violence.

A look back at that storming on January 6th this year: