Commission recommends Cabinet adoptions from abroad to stop after serious abuses


the time being, the Cabinet must completely stop the adoptions of children from abroad. This is the conclusion of a report by the Joustra Commission to be published, and insiders confirm a report on this from the AD.

The newspaper talks about a โ€œpruning judgmentโ€ about the Dutch adoption culture and the role of the government in this. According to the committee, there was serious abuses in the adoption of children from Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka between 1967 and 1997.

During the investigation it was found that the problem continues to this day. Since adoption practices are still not good, bringing children to the Netherlands has to stop for the time being, the newspaper quotes from the advice.

The report includes child theft, child trafficking, corruption, falsification and theft of documents, unethical behaviour of civil servants and the transfer of adoptive children under false pretenses.

The Joustra Commission believes that the suffering of children and parents from the five countries should be recognised. The committee therefore calls for a hotline.

The Council of Ministers today talks about the report to be published on Monday. According to the AD, there is a great disagreement about the recommendations.

Minister Dekker announced the investigation in 2018, after information had emerged about abuses in adoptions. Dutch government officials may also have been involved. Dekker wanted to investigate exactly what happened. The Ministry of Justice does not want to say anything about the report, except that it will be presented on Monday.

Last year, Dilani Butink, adopted from Sri Lanka, took the Dutch State to court to enforce recognition of guilt in the fraudulent adoptions. In September, the court ruled that the case was time-barred and therefore no substantive treatment follows: