Compensation provokes mixed reactions in victims of payment

Dupted parents of the payment affair welcome the compensation of EUR 30,000 promised to them this evening by the Cabinet. However, they still have many questions, according to the initial reactions.

Secretary of State Van Huffelen of Finance announced this evening that all 9000 victims of the fraud hunt now in the picture will be paid the financial compensation for May. Nazmiye Yigit-Karaduman, one of the affected parents, has been given a little rest. โ€œYou see something is happening. Not only tears and excuses, but also the fact that they are now going to solve the damage.โ€

โ€œ Of course, its good news,โ€ says Injury Lawyer Orlando Kadir. Hes assisting almost 600 duped parents. Lawyer Don Ceder, who has more than fifteen clients, also thinks its good news.

Is it enough?

Yet both lawyers doubt that it will be enough. Van Huffelen assumes that half of the 9000 affected parents suffered less than 30,000 euros, but Kadir finds that hard to believe. โ€œNone of my clients have any damage under 30,000 euros.โ€ His office calculated that the average loss of the parents he assists is around 65,000 euros.

Cedar also says that his clients have suffered much greater damage than 30,000 euros. โ€œIt goes far beyond the reimbursed childcare allowance. People have lost their homes through the whole affair and have built up other debts.โ€

Election Stunt of the Cabinet

There are also parents who suspect the Cabinet of an election stunt. โ€œIts just a big marketing stunt of the Cabinet. Its been misery for 10 years and then you take everything with a grain of salt,โ€ says Counselor Kadir.

Also, Kristie Rongen, one of the parents who was suspected of fraud with surcharges, does not entirely trust it. โ€œLooking at the election, its a bit of a taste to me.โ€ Because of the affair, she still has a debt of more than 90,000 euros. Yesterday she was already paid part of her compensation.

Earlier, Angela Sanches told us how she was wrongly portrayed by the Tax Administration as a fraud:

The parents hope that there will soon be more clarity about the scheme and, above all, that the money will be deposited quickly. โ€œI didnt expect them to do it within four months. Never goes anything so fast with the government,โ€ says Nazmiye Yigit-Karaduman.

The two lawyers, on the other hand, say they do not understand why it takes four months to compensate the parents. โ€œIf the amount of damages is known, then it should not be so difficult to transfer the money. All account numbers are known to the Tax Administration,โ€ says Ceder.

However, he fears that the settlement of the residual damage (the amount exceeding EUR 30,000) will be put on the long run. Kadir says that he waits until his clients receive the compensation and then plans to go to court to claim back the remainder of the damages from the government.