Complaint for messages rightly: ‘Woman also concealed expensive car and motor’

The woman with a welfare allowance from Wijdemeren, who was sentenced to repay more than 7000 euros last year because she received a weekly bag of groceries from her mother, has to repay that amount. Research shows that, among other things, she also owns a car and engine from the more expensive segment. This was announced by the municipality of Wijdemeren on Thursday morning. The womans lawyer denies it with a firm denial.

There was fierce criticism of the recovery. Among others PVV leader Geert Wilders and Lilian Marijnissen of the SP reacted angry. Now the municipality claims that after research it has come to light that there is more to it than just the messages.

The cost of the two expensive — although not new — vehicles had a heavy impact on their fixed charges, and had a direct impact on the budget left for shopping. The study also showed that the woman stayed abroad, according to the municipality.

Groceries gift

The woman – who is no longer in the assistance – has to pay €7040 back to the municipality, became known at the end of last year, because she received groceries from her mother for years. The congregation immediately indicated that it was only following the law.

During a house visit to the woman, an employee of the social service to his amazement saw mainly products by Albert Heijn, as emerged in a lawsuit before the Utrecht court. Thats where the woman complained about the recovery. The judge argued that the municipality was in a right way.

Structurally assisted

Faced with the service, the woman confessed to being structurally helped by her mother. I get quite a few errands from my mother a week, two loaves, three bags of lettuce, a box of eight pieces of meat, two boxes of eggs, toilet paper, coffee. I get a bag with groceries once a week, the woman told the service.

Without these messages, she said she would not get by: I myself hardly spend money on groceries. I think a maximum of €10 per week. I lost almost all of my allowance on fixed expenses.

Expensive vehicles


according to the municipality, she never gave up the two expensive vehicles, as did her travel abroad. The municipality therefore has to reimburse the amount of overreceived assistance for the period 2015 to 2018.

Everyone is free to decide for themselves what you spend your money on, but that cannot be at the expense of expenditure for which the assistance is intended, namely the cost of living, explains the College van Wijdemeren Thursday. The municipality estimated the value of the donated messages on the basis of the Nibud, because the woman did not provide any information about them despite insistence. This amount amounts to EUR 7039.96. No fine has been imposed.

Melike Pinarci Cinar, the womans advocate, states that the congregation is acting in a scandalous way to mask its own failure.

, The whole story is completely ripped out of context, says the counsel of Van Hout Advocaten from Hilversum. ,, At first it was only about messages, and now all kinds of things are being added. Like the engine and the car. It is suggested that they have a high value, but that is not the case. That car and engine have an old year of construction. In addition, the woman already owned these vehicles when she got into the assistance. That was also known. Then why was she accepted as a beneficiary then? Why is it now used as an argument? Apparently the church is looking for a stick to beat the dog with improper arguments that are not correct.

In addition, she stresses, people in the assistance are allowed to own a few thousand euros in equity. ,, My client so also. A vulnerable citizen is exposed to a bad light. The fact that she has been abroad is also such a strange remark, because she can, up to four weeks a year.

In addition, it was a visit to an aunt who resides abroad. , The municipality tries to reverse the negative image that the public has rightly received about its policy at the expense of a vulnerable citizen. This is low on the ground and blackened.

Following the previous judgment of the judge, an appeal has been lodged by her lawyer. The resident does not have to repay the recovery while the legal proceedings are in progress.

The lawyer predicts that the last word on this case has not yet been said and that this issue is going to escalate at the hands of the congregation. , The municipality of Wijdemeren proves all the more that it is about corpses. This degenerates into a common, antisocial fight. The information for the appeal will be supplemented, it will be a hard battle, which we have every confidence in.