Complentous Van Hanegem on Drommel: ‘First thought he was on water polo’

Willem van Hanegem does not think that the Dutch team has a goalkeeper problem. National coach Louis van Gaal has called for four closing points for the international against Gibraltar and Latvia: Justin Bijlow, Joรซl Drommel, Tim Krul and the debuting Mark Flekken.
Bijlow is the number one of Orange according to Van Hanegem, Drommel is a great alternative, says De Kromme. โ€œWe do have a nice keeper,โ€ he says in front of the ESPN camera. The fact that the PSV goalkeeper went very badly against Willem II recently does not matter when it comes to Van Hanegem. โ€œNow we‘re going to burn down that boy all of a sudden. โ€œWe said not a year ago that it’s such a great goalkeeper and he‘s going to get the top… Then he lets a ball go through his hands: well okay, annoying.โ€
Van Hanegem believes that Drommel has developed well since his very first matches for FC Twente. โ€œAt the very beginning โ€” I should honestly say โ€” I thought: he’
s on water polo. He dove like he did in the water, so on his stomach. Was a really crazy face. That has gotten better and better. Is just a good goalkeeper, man. What‘s that?โ€

๐Ÿ‘ How does Willem van Hanegem look at the goalkeepers selected for Orange?โ€ At first I thought: he’s on water poloโ€
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) October 6, 2021