Concept arts of Netflix’s Sonic animated series found in artist’s portfolio

The network featured the concept arts of Netflix‘s Sonic Prime animated series, which were found in the artist’s portfolio. Earlier, it was revealed that the story would have something to do with the multiverse. Confirmation of this can also be seen in concept arts, where several Doctors Robotniks are depicted at once and portals to other dimensions.

Sonic Prime is being developed by the creator of the Ben 10 show Joe Kacey, and WildBrain Studios (โ€œCarmen Sandiegoโ€) is responsible for the production. The series is created using 3D technology, and the season will consist of 24 episodes.

Sonic Prime is scheduled to premiere in 2022. More on Game Sony plans to break 24-year-old console sales record Fresh update for โ€œAvengersโ€ reveals player IP addresses Valorant kicks off third episode with new agent.