Concerns about avian flu in geese and ducks

Nature managers are very concerned about avian influenza. More and more birds are dying of that disease. Especially in the north of the Netherlands many dead birds are found. The probability that people themselves become infected with the virus is very small.

The disease probably arose in the coarse goose. These are geese that come from the north to the Netherlands every year to overwinter. If such a goose is sick, the animal can also light other waterfowl with the bird flu virus.

But the disease can also jump to birds of prey. That‘s because sometimes they eat other birds.


Farmers are afraid that sick birds infect their chickens. At some farms, that’s already happened. To prevent this from happening on other farms, all farmers in the Netherlands must now keep their chickens inside. And people who have chickens as pets at home should pay attention to the fact that wild geese or ducks can not join.

What can you do?

If you find a sick bird, you can report it to the congregation. You should not touch the sick animals, nor take them to the bird shelter. They could infect other animals there.