Concerns in China about new corona infections, โ€œgot around for a while.โ€

In China, the highest increase in the number of coronavirus infections has been measured in five months. There are only 115 of them, but despite this, there are great concerns.

Correspondent Garrie van Pinxsteren understands that the authorities are concerned. Most of the infections were measured in the northern province of Hebei, where three cities were already in lockdown. โ€œThe virus has probably been able to wander around the countryside for a while before it was discovered. Thats exactly what worries. Because how many of that virus is out there without anyone noticing? And how many people are infected without anyone knowing?โ€

She notices that the fear among the population is increasing. According to the authorities, they are infections with a European variant of the coronavirus. It would not be the British or South African variant, which are extra-contagious.

Million cities

In Hebei, which encloses Beijing, 90 new infections have been identified. In the multi-million cities of Shijiazhuang, Xingtai and Langfang, the population must remain at home as much as possible.

In the northeastern province of Heilongjiang, 16 infections have been measured. There is the city of Suihua, where more than five million people live, in lockdown.

Next month, the Chinese are celebrating New Year. Traditionally, they do that in family circles. In many provinces, a call has been made not to travel to other families.