Conclusion: ‘When he said goodbye, he had to introduce himself to some first’

Arne Slot saw Feyenoord struggling against RKC Waalwijk on Sunday. Admittedly, the Rotterdammers won 0-1 and the elector is convinced that the game will soon look better.
Slot decided not to appeal to Patrik Walemark against RKC. Instead of him, Oussama Idrissi started. โ€œWhy don‘t you start with him? I’m sure I‘m ahead of youโ€, smiles Slot to ESPN. โ€œLast week we played with a left leg as a left winger and a right leg as left back (Marcus Pedersen, ed.). I found that very viscous.โ€ It was also viscous in Waalwijk, although Feyenoord was able to prevail after ninety minutes. โ€œSeven points from three games, that’s one point more than last year after three duels. I dare to predict that we will play better in the coming weeks.โ€
Fredrik Aursnes already stopped competing against the Brabanders. Slot confirms that his transfer to Benfica is imminent. โ€œWhen Fredrik says goodbye this morning, he first has to introduce himself to a number of boys,โ€ the trainer refers to the many newbies. โ€œThat‘s the extreme situation we’re in, but I think it‘s a fantastic transfer for Fredrik. He didn’t miss any training, missed almost no game, always given the maximum. He stood there every three days.โ€
Slot states that these are fun times to be a trainer. โ€œIt‘s a lot of fun for a trainer when you see that there is improvement. I dare to predict that we are going to play better than this. In addition, it’s nice to be a trainer of players who make beautiful transfers.โ€