Condition short tracker Van Ruijven remains unabatedly critical

condition has remained unchanged for the last two days. The 27-year-old short tracker is kept in an artificial coma and is still in critical condition in the intensive care unit in a French hospital.

The world champion on the 500 meters became seriously ill last week during a training camp in the French town of Font Romeu. At the beginning of this week she had surgery twice. Van Ruijven appears to have an immune system disorder.

“Lara is currently fighting for her life”, announced national coach Jeroen Otter earlier this week. “With incredible perseverance, she has won the world title on the ice, but this battle is much harder.”

Support statements

Skating Federation announces that the short track team is finishing its training camp in Font Romeu. In this way the riders stay a bit close to their sick teammate.

Participants praise the “admirable” good treatment for Van Ruijven and once again express their thanks for the large number of expressions of support for her address.