Confidence in politics has risen sharply

Under the influence of the corona crisis, confidence in politics has risen sharply. For the first time since the third Rutte cabinet took office, a majority has confidence in the cabinet, the prime minister and politics in general, according to research by Ipsos (.pdf) commissioned by the CCeit. A large majority believes that Prime Minister Rutte, Minister De Jonge and the RIVM are tackling the corona crisis well.

Shortly after the cabinet took office, just over a third had confidence in Prime Minister Rutte. Now it is almost two-thirds. Nearly six in ten Dutch people see him as the ideal prime minister. Half of the supporters of the PvdA and GroenLinks also think so.

The supporters of the Dutch Party for Freedom (PVV), the Forum for Democracy (Forum voor Democratie) and, to a lesser extent, the SP, judge Rutte least favourably. Nevertheless, a quarter of PVV and FvD supporters still think he is a good prime minister. Half of them consider him unfit.

Prime Minister candidates

A third of the Dutch think that Hugo the Younger would be a good prime minister. This puts him in second place after Rutte, ahead of Sigrid Kaag (23%), Lodewijk Asscher (22%), Klaas Dijkhoff (20%) and Jesse Klaver (16%).

Of the ministers, Finance Minister Hoekstra – who has not been named as a prime minister candidate – gets the highest score: a 6.7, even higher than Prime Minister Rutte, who gets a 6.2. Minister De Jonge van Volksgezondheid gets a 6.0 third, while Minister Grapperhaus gets the lowest mark: a 4.3.

Cabinet report figure

The appreciation for the Cabinet as a whole is much higher than in previous years. On average, the Dutch give the Cabinet a 6.2. Before the corona crisis, the Rutte III Cabinet oscillated between a 4.9 and a 5.7.

At the start of the corona crisis, the Cabinets score shot up sharply. The peak was reached in May, when the first easing of the coronavirus measures was announced. The Cabinet was then awarded a 6.7. Since then, appreciation has slowly but surely declined.

Stricter enforcement of Corona rules

The fact that people assess the Cabinet positively does not mean that they agree with the whole Cabinet policy. A significant proportion (40%) are worried about rising public debt and a third think that corona policy is bad for the economy.

Nevertheless, only just over a quarter think that the corona measures should be relaxed in order to help the economy. Conversely, half think that enforcement of the coronavirus measures should be stricter.

Economic aid to southern European countries is unpopular. More than four out of ten Dutch people think that the Netherlands should not give any support; only just over a fifth disagree with this statement. The rest do not know.