Conflict SP etters, Rotterdam puts disbarred members on electoral list

The communism conflict within the SP is also threatening to have its impact on next Marchs municipal elections. Conflicts over the electoral lists are threatened in several cities.

For example, yesterday the Rotterdam SP department decided to put three disbarred members on the list anyway. In doing so, the department goes against the national party, which may not want to allow the department to participate in the elections.

โ€œIf you want to be a candidate for the SP, you must be a member of the SP,โ€ says SP Chairman Jannie Visscher. โ€œAny SP department wishing to participate in the elections must comply with the conditions laid down.โ€

Radicalized Communists

However, the Rotterdam department does not intend to change the electoral list, says list leader Arno van der Veen. โ€œThe assembly of members has expressed a large majority to enter the elections with these people. We assume thats under the name of the SP. If we cant, we have to look for a different way, but we hold on to these people.โ€

33 SP members were expelled by the board late last month, as they were also members of the divested youth movement Red or discussion platform Marxist Forum. The conflict between the SP and a group of (especially) young people has been playing for quite some time, the party summit previously spoke of โ€œradicalized communists who want to take over the partyโ€.

The Rotterdam leader Van der Veen was president of Rood until last year, but was not expelled by the SP. That is true of Lotte van der Horst (number 5), Senad Delic (number 9) and section chairman Tijs Hardam (number 13). The latter was a candidate until recently to become president of the national SP.

โ€œWe talked to these people extensively. They want to commit themselves to the SP even though they are no longer a member. As far as were concerned, these are the people we want to work with,โ€ says Van der Veen. According to him, the party rules do not state that you must be a member to be on a electoral list.

Problems in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Gouda

The same conflict as in Rotterdam also threatens in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Gouda, where disgraced members are also on the draft list.

In Utrecht, these include the intended leader Floris Boudens. His department has already stated that he remains the leader in spite of the royement. On Friday, the SP department Utrecht will decide whether it agrees with the rest of the draft candidate list and therefore whether she follows the example of Rotterdam.

Party President Visscher stresses that there is still plenty of time to reach a solution. โ€œLists can be submitted until the end of January next year. So theres still plenty of time for each department anyway to come up with a nice list of SP players who are members of the party.โ€