‘Conscious discussions Ajax and Promes, resistance at KNVB after EC call’

Quincy Promes was already in the picture with justice before his involvement in a stabbing incident in 2020, became clear earlier this week. According to Ceit-journalist Jeroen Stekelenburg, there were also ‘indications’ at Ajax that Promes could end up on the wrong path.
Ajax occasionally conducts so-called awareness talks with players, says Stekelenburg on Sunday in Studio Voetbal. โ€œTo educate football players: you are vulnerable, you are young, you suddenly have a lot of money, you are actually very attractive in a certain environment to make contact with. But that also happens more focused. The police sometimes have players in mind, which they think: hey, that‘s not going well.โ€
So that was the case with Promes. โ€œIn 2020, before this stabbing. At one of those conversations, the general manager of Ajax was also present, Edwin van der Sar. That what was playing, Ajax must have known. Of course, no one could know that it was so bad,โ€ Stekelenburg refers to this week’
s revelations.
Promes is also active in the rap world, where, according to Stekelenburg, he encountered friends with a criminal past. โ€œThat‘s a world, we don’t know about that,โ€ it sounds. โ€œThat Promes surrounded himself with figures Ajax thought: we‘d rather not. That is clear.โ€
The case came out for the first time in the mid-2020/2021 season: then Promes made a transfer to Spartak Moscow and participated in the European Championships. โ€œWhat I do understand is that internally at the KNVB there has been resistance to Frank de Boer’
s choice (the then national coach, ed.), to include Promes in the EC selection. That he was told: would you do that?โ€
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