Console players underrate remasters of first Final Fantasy

At the end of July, the pixel 2D remasters of the first three games of the Final Fantasy series were released, however the release took place only on iOS, Android and PC (Steam) . Soon players began understating the custom remaster rating on Metacritic, requiring games to be released on consoles. Disgruntled players put remasters a score of zero, so the games user rating dropped to 2.

9 out of 10, 1. 4 out of 10, and 2.

2 out of 10. We want to get the opportunity to play these games on consoles.

Classic games like Final Fantasy should not be distributed only on mobile phones and computers. But please change the text font before releasing on consoles.

Thank you! โ€œโ€” Lewis1992. Earlier, Square Enix noted that remasters can reach additional platforms with sufficient demand.

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