Consternatie during Vitesse-VVV: ESPN plays band with ‘Mijn Feyenoord’

Consternation during the first half of the match between Vitesse and VVV-Venlo: a number of viewers believe they heard Feyenoord singing during the semi-cup finals. And indeed, if you listen very carefully… โ€œNothing is stronger than that one word!โ€

The stadium sound on ESPN was actually the most discussed topic on social media. For rest, not much happened in Arnhem: both teams looked for the changing rooms with a 0-0 stand.

My Feyenoord during Vitesse-VVV.. Goes fine hey @ESPNnl
โ€” Stefan (@FR1908Stefan) March 2, 2021

Hear several times already Mijn Feyenoord at #vitvvv Also often such a song by PSV in a random game. Never knocks anything of it.
โ€” Martijn van Zimmeren (@MvanZimmeren) March 2, 2021

Hey @ESPNnl, feyenoord doesnt play but did hear the supporters in the background… play the wrong band? #VITVVV
โ€” Gerjo Jansen (@Gerjo1990) March 2, 2021

Probably wont be the first to ask, but why do I hear: โ€œNothing is stronger than that one word. Feyenoord.. during Vitesse – VVV? รรฟ… #vitvvv
โ€” Tim Dekkers (@dekkerstim) March 2, 2021

Did I suddenly hear Feyenoord audience on the tape? #vitvvv
โ€” Ruben Hoekstra (@RubenJHoekstra) March 2, 2021

Is my Feyenoord now played in GelreDome? รรฟหœ, #vitvvv
โ€” Jasper (@Jasper_Nijmegen) March 2, 2021