‘Consultation for relaxation KLM flight attenuation test ‘

Airline KLM is working with the RIVM on an alternative to the rapid test for flying personnel.

Sources report that to De Cceit. KLM may no longer be able to operate a number of distant flights from Saturday, if the governments tightened duty to test. The airline refrains from commenting. On Friday, Cabinevakbond VNC reports that the rapid test requirement does not apply to a number of safe countries, including the Netherlands Antilles, Iceland, Japan, South Korea and Australia. โ€œIt seems that KLM can continue to fly on these islands,โ€ says the VNC, which says that there is no confirmation yet. Topman Pieter Elbers of KLM would like an alternative that is workable for the airline for the rapid test.


incubation period

Thursday Elbers stated in De Cceit that the rapid test is not usable because of the incubation period of the coronavirus. Flying personnel can therefore test positive abroad, while the contamination has been sustained in the Netherlands. The KLM top man is in favour of a test just before departure, so that in case of a positive test, other staff can be called upon to perform the flight. In other countries, flying personnel are excluded from such a rapid test.

KLM itself has to come up with a safe alternative to the mandatory rapid test for crew members, says Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen Friday morning. โ€œI really leave it to KLM and RIVM. If they find a safe way together, I am very happy with it,โ€ says the reigning lady. โ€œBut if it isnt, we cant take that risk.โ€

Left parties

The Ministry of Infrastructure did not consult with the airline about the practical consequences of the RIVM opinion, sources report to De Cceit. Until now, that has been the case. The KLM works council states that there is political proficient about the backs of KLM employees, because the left-wing parties had to be persuaded to introduce curfew.