Container ship Ever Given is being investigated: ‘No damage to the hull’

The container ship Ever Given that blocked the Egyptian Suez Canal for days had no damage to the hull. Sayed Sheasha, the lead investigator of the investigation team that boarded today against news agency Reuters.

The freighter is currently being thoroughly examined to see to what extent it is still seaworthy and can continue its journey to final destination Rotterdam. The crew and the captain are also being questioned.

Sheasha expects this investigation to be completed within four days. Until then, the ship is anchored in the Great Bitter Lake, which is halfway between the Suez Canal.

Human Errors

Although the investigation is still ongoing, Osama Rabie, Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority (SCA), escaped earlier that human error probably led to the 400-metre-long ship being placed diagonally in the canal. It could also be that a strong crosswind has played along. He estimates the economic damage caused by the blockade at almost EUR 1 billion.

There is another investigation into a collision with the Ever Given, two years ago in the port of Hamburg. The container ship fell out of course on the Elbe in strong winds and rammed a ferry on a jetty.

The 220,000 tonnes and 400-metre long Ever Given was unlocked on Monday, after it had hit the ground almost a week earlier and blocked all traffic on the crucial trade route. After that it was dragged to the Great Bittermeer, where it is still located today.