Container ship in Suez Canal partially loose, forefront still ‘wall’

The container ship Ever Given that has been blocking the Egyptian Suez Canal for days has been partially detached from the shore. The Dutch dredger Boskalis is involved in the operation to unleash the 400-metre-long Ever Given.

Boskalis-top man Berdowski reports in the CCEit Radio 1 News that with the help of a large sea sleeper arrived yesterday managed to unscrew the stern. Its now in the middle of the waterway, according to satellite data. But the forefront is still โ€œwall fixedโ€, says Berdowski.

In the last few hours there was still a lot of work to get the ship loose from the shore:

In the early morning, at high tide, Boskaliss large sea sleeper was first deployed in an operation to pull the ship off. The ships rotated 20 degrees. Meanwhile, a second sea sleeper is on the spot. It will be switched on later today, when its flood again, to pull the ship smoothly and clear the channel.

Correspondent Daisy Mohr visited a village along the Suez Canal, near where the Ever Given is jammed:

Topman Berdowski points out this is going to be a tough job. The sea slepers have to try to pull the heavy ship on the front over the clay layer, like โ€œa huge whale lying on the beach that you have to slide offโ€. He said that pulling the stern was the easiest part, โ€œwe should not cheer too earlyโ€.

If it is not possible to unscrew the front, Boskalis will switch to a different approach, the so-called underwinding. โ€œDredgers are on their way to get to the bottom, to be able to spray water under high pressure so that the ship becomes loose from the clay layer.โ€

If this is not possible, the containers must be removed from the front of the ship, which is โ€œa time-consuming job out there in the desertโ€.

Around the pressurized Suez Canal, the shortest route between Asia and Europe, a huge traffic jam of about 400 container ships and tankers has emerged.

Waiting ships around the Suez Canal sounded their ships horn after it became known that the blockade might have been resolved.

The container ship, from a Taiwanese shipping company, was trapped last Tuesday by an unknown cause. The Suez Canal is of great importance for international trade. 30% of all container transport in the world passes through the canal, part of which is so narrow that only one vessel can pass through at a time. Every day, about 9 billion dollars of goods are transported through the canal.

The Suez Channel Authority reports that once the ship is detached, the Ever Given will be directed to one of the lakes in the Suez Canal so that other ships can pass and continue their route.