Conte has message for Ajax after Bergwijn show: ‘Think he wants to stay ‘

Antonio Conte thinks Steven Bergwijn would like to stay at Tottenham Hotspur. The Dutchman, who grew into the hero of Spurs on Wednesday evening, is in Ajax‘s interest, but Conte doesn’t seem to want to lose him.
When Bergwijn came into the field against Leicester City, Tottenham was 2โ€”1 behind. However, the Ajax target scored twice in injury time, so Spurs still goes home with a 2-3 win. After the competition, manager Conte will receive questions about Bergwijn at the press conference. โ€œHe has different characteristics than our other players,โ€ starts the Italian.
โ€œSteven is a creative and an important player. For me, he is very important and you can think that he should be happy hereโ€, Conte continues, after which he seems to send a signal to Ajax. โ€œI think Steven would like to stay with Tottenham Hotspur.โ€
Conte does not rule out that he will use Bergwijn as a basic player in the future. โ€œIf Steven is in a good physical condition and is in good shape, then he can start in the basics. He can also enter the lines as a substitute and change the match.โ€