Contrary to expectations, nothing showed at Final Fantasy VII remake concert

Fans of Final Fantasy VII were very enthusiastic waiting for the concert held today based on the remake, as there was expected an announcement of “new content” – it was hinted at even Square Enix. To great disappointment, nothing like this was presented on the show – neither the reissue of last year‘s hit for PlayStation 5 and PC, nor something new like a story supplement or even continuations. At one point during the broadcast began a break in the style of an emergency news release, where they reported the announcement based on the remake of Final Fantasy VII, but in the end it turned out to be goods for the concert & mdash; it is assumed that the publisher specifically trolled viewers.

Watching the concert online was paid, and in a special chat, the Japanese were constantly interested in the promised news and information about the PlayStation 5 reissue of the game. Their requests were ignored.

According to the leaks, the reissue of the remake will be accompanied by fresh story content, and its premiere will take place on PS5 and RS. The game’s year-long exclusivity for the PlayStation 4 will end on April 10.

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