Controversial Australian Open-bubble bursts: ‘I have corona’

The Spanish tennis player Paula Badosa is one of the coronas in the โ€œtennis bubbleโ€ in Melbourne. She herself announced this through social media. The 23-year-old Badosa is the number 67 in the world.

โ€œ I have bad news to report: today I learned that I tested positive. I do not feel well and suffer from symptoms,โ€ wrote Badosa in a statement. โ€œI have been transferred to another hotel, where I am in isolation under medical supervision. I hope I recover soon.โ€

Over the past few days, more players would have tested positive, but names were not disclosed by the authorities and organization. Tuesday tournament director Craig Tiley also denied a statement from earlier on that day mentioning a number of positively tested tennis players. Wednesday the news came that again – or as Tiley claims for the first time – tennis players have delivered a positive test.

Number of infections

There is ambiguity as to the number of infections. Several results have been adjusted because they are residual material from previous infections. The persons are then not contagious.

The Australian Open starts on Monday 8 February.