Controversial image General Lee hoisted away in US state of Virginia

The statue of General Robert E. Lee, who fought for the southern states in the American Civil War, has been removed from his pedestal in the American city of Richmond. That happened after a year‘s delay in front of hundreds of opponents of the contested monument.

Lee fought during the American Civil War (1861-1865) on the side of the Confederacy, the southern states that sought independence and wanted to preserve slavery. The bronze statue was placed in Richmond in 1890 in memory of the General.

Confederation monuments hold demonstrations against racism every now and then, including Richmond. Major protests occurred near the image of Lee last year after black man George Floyd was killed by a white cop. The decision to remove the image was made ten days after Floyd’s death.

The removal was delayed for a year because the decision was challenged in court, but that was unsuccessfully. The Virginia State Supreme Court unanimously ruled last week that the statue should be removed. What will happen to the contested image is not yet known. It will be retained at a secure state storage location for the time being.