‘controversial ‘political themes in refrigerator until new cabinet

In the coming months the House of Representatives will no longer be decided on a long list of important topics, such as climate, the extension of Lelystad Airport, paid parental leave and limitation of top incomes.

The political parties have drawn up the list of controversial subjects and there is, for each theme, what the Chamber no longer wants to discuss with a demissionary – i.e. cases – cabinet.

Other plans

The drafting of such a list is always done after the parliamentary elections or when a cabinet does not reach the finish line. The idea behind it is that the ‘old’ cabinet should not want to deal with all sorts of controversial, or complicated issues in the House of Representatives.

A new cabinet can have completely different plans and then the ‘old’ decisions can get in the way of a new administrator.


The third Rutte cabinet decided to leave more than two weeks ago because of the childcare supplement affair. Prime Minister Rutte immediately said to the Cabinet as to the corona approach would continue as if it were missionary.

So the fall of the Cabinet had no impact on the most important political issue; the corona-measures. The demissionary cabinet also decided to introduce curfew, and the Chamber agreed to it.

Nevertheless, quite a number of subjects are put in the refrigerator. The opening of Lelystad Airport will not be clarified for the time being. Ten letters from Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure about aviation, Schiphol and Lelystad Airport can be found on the list.


Secretary of State Broekers-Knol for Asylum Affairs will also have less to come into the Chamber. More than thirty parliamentary letters from the VVD politician have been removed from the agenda, such as the reception deficit for asylum seekers, the approach to disappointing and criminal asylum seekers, the closure of two reception camps in Lesbos and Libya‘s country policy.

The MPs with education in their portfolio will no longer consider the Chinese influence on education, the kindergarten test and last year’s inspection report on the Jewish Orthodox school Cheder.

The work of Minister De Jonge van Health also lightened the MPs a little. The topics on nursing home care, for example, are on the controversial list, as is the Perspectives on the death wish of elderly people who are not seriously ill and the โ€œsocial dialogue last stage of lifeโ€.


It is still unknown when a new cabinet will get back to work on these or other subjects. In mid-March, the parliamentary elections are held and a new cabinet must be formed after that. Depending on the results of the election, that can be difficult and lengthy.

The formation of the last cabinet broke a record. After seven months of forming, the Rutte III cabinet stood on the board of King Willem-Alexander.