Cop hears screams and helps woman with childbirth: ‘Great moment’

He knew it was human right away. Ireneusz Iwaล„czyk heard screams, ran to the sound, and a little later put on sterile gloves to help give birth to a woman.

The highly pregnant woman was unable to reach a clinic in Kozienice in Poland in time, because her baby was already presenting herself. She gave birth to the clinic on Tuesday, in the parking lot. A cop who was in his police car near the hospital came to the rescue.

โ€œHe heard screams and responded right away. Iwaล„czyk jumped out of his car and ran to the car in the parking lot where the woman was giving birth,โ€ said the police spokesman.


Iwaล„czyk put on gloves and ‘saw the baby’s head sticking out‘. Immediately after that, he helped with childbirth.

โ€œWhen the baby started to chew and proast at some point, he took it on his hand and hit the little boy, after which he started crying,โ€ the police know. โ€œThen he handed the baby to the mother.โ€

Later, hospital workers who were initiated also helped.

Father himself

According to the agent, it was a โ€œgreat event.โ€ He will soon be a father himself and was reading books about fatherhood. That’s why he was able to help successfully, police said.