Cops not prosecuted for shooting escaped tbs’er Kijvelanden

The officers who shot an escaped tbs’er on 1 March in Ochten, in Gelderland, are not being prosecuted. After an investigation, Rijksrecherche concluded that the officers had ‘acted in accordance with the official instructions’.

The tbs’er escaped more than six months ago together with another prisoner from the Kijvelanden clinic in Poortugaal. They threatened a handler with a firearm and a knife and took him hostage. At the entrance a taxi was waiting for them to get away.

After a police chase on the A15, one of the two men on an industrial estate was shot dead by the police. The other escaped tbs’er was arrested.

According to the Rijksrecherche (National Criminal Investigation Service), the fugitive tbs’er fired aimed at the officers and the situation on the industrial estate was very hectic and life-threatening. Given the speed with which events followed one another, there was no other way to stop the tbs’er than to reach for the firearm, according to the Rijksrecherche.