Cops pay massive tribute to deathly ill colleague ‘Hemp Harry’

Dozens of police officers from the East Netherlands have driven in column this afternoon through the street of their sick colleague. The 62-year-old man from Neede in the Achterhoek heard two weeks ago that he has a tumor in his head and that he does not have long.

His colleagues wanted to put a heart under ‘Hemp Harry’. The police are asking not to use his real name. He owes his nickname to his career in the police, where he was mainly responsible for rolling up pot plantations. When it became clear that he is incurable, his colleagues came up with the idea of moral support two days ago.

Dozens of engines went to parade

A motorcade of about 130 cars travelled to Neede this afternoon, where Harry lives with his family. The procession was accompanied by dozens of motorcyclists.

The Achterhoek agent is bad. โ€œWe want to say goodbye to him. And that‘s what we did, including partners. Everyone knows him. You also saw it in all motorcycles and cars, it was a very beloved colleague,โ€ says politespokesperson Chantal Westerhoff.

Also tow cars drove along, employees of Essent and people who took the hemp away. โ€œNeighbors and family have also been able to say goodbye to coronaproof. It was overwhelming.โ€

Last greeting

Two weeks after the diagnosis, he can’t talk anymore. However, he was aware of the action of his colleagues. He reacted surprisingly and, according to RTV Oost, the necessary tears were flowing. Harry didn‘t know anything, all he’d heard was that he had to sit in front of the window. Then his colleagues waved at him.

Local residents also took the opportunity this afternoon to offer a final greeting to their neighbor.