Coral Forest biome added to Bagel Against the Storm

Eremite Games studio announced the release of the third major update to the urban planning bagels Against the Storm. The Coral Forest update adds a new biome to the game, Coral Forest, as well as changes to balance and gameplay. The name Coral Forest was traditionally chosen by the community.

This colorful biome is home to unique new species of trees covered with mysterious corals. Thanks to them, each tree will give a variety of bonus resources when harvesting.

New forest secrets and a special effect have been prepared for the new biome: the higher the hostility towards us, the more we will get bonuses. Thus, the Coral Forest is more focused on research.

In addition, the developers have slightly reconfigured the balance, made changes to the interface and the order system, and fixed a whole list of gaming errors. The studio announced that the main goal of this update is to make gameplay more tolerant to new players and smooth the complexity curve.

Against the Storm released Epic Games Early Access in October Store. It will stay there for about a year before it will appear on Steam.

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