Coral Island raised 72% of the amount needed on Kickstarter in 12 hours

Studio Stairway Games, located in Indonesia, yesterday took out a simulator of peaceful tropical life Coral Island on Kickstarter. And in the first 12 hours of the campaign managed to collect 72% of the required amount. For success, developers need to get 70 thousand dollars.

And there are already more than 56,000 on the account. Until the final of the campaign there are 29 days left, and we can assume that it will be possible to unlock a number of additional assigns.

The studio has not yet announced that it will spend โ€œextraโ€ money on. But it is already known that among the additional goals will be the release of the game on consoles – so far, the release is scheduled only on the RS.

One of the advanced goals will also be multiplayer mode. In June, the creators of Coral Island intend to conduct the first closed-alpha testing of the game.

And at the end of 2021 it is going to be released into early access. It will stay there for about a year.

Coral Island players will settle on a unique coral island and, as in other similar farm simulators, try to arrange their life with the best way. To create a family on the island will settle almost two dozen bachelors, and there will be no restrictions: love is submissive of all ages and floors.

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