Corey Barlog expected to release new God of War before years end

God of War creative head Corey Barlog publicly revealed that there was no cheating with the previous release date of the next part of the series โ€” he expected to release the game before the end of 2021 of the year. โ€œBut no, I turned out to be wrong. It was my decision that turned out to be wrong.

When youre wrong, you have to accept it, fix it, and move on. โ€ Players pussyed at developers after moving the game and announcing the PS4 version โ€” studio screenwriter Alana Pierce wrote a lot of unpleasant things, allegedly almost she was personally to blame for the transfer (she recently came to the company and โ€œimmediately after that the game was postponed)โ€.

Corey Barlog stood up to the defense of all Sony Santa Monica employees, noting that everything should be blamed on him. โ€œIts some kind of horror.

If youre furious with someone about anything on God of War โ€” transfer, crossgen between PS4 and PS5, trolls, subtitle size, Sigrun or something โ€” get mad at me. I made decisions.

I did it. Dont touch the team โ€” theyre all wonderful people doing great work.

โ€ . The next God of War still has no official title, but now a release is expected in 2022 of the year on the PS5 and PS4.

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