Corinna gives testimony on Juan Carlos and death threats

The former mistress of the Spanish king emeritus Juan Carlos gave a testimony to the Madrid court on Friday. The Danish princess Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein said that the Spanish General Felix Sanz Roldan threatened her with death when he tried to obtain financial documents.

Corinna said that she had a romantic relationship with Juan Carlos and admitted having received financial information and documents from him. Which documents that were exactly, she did not disclose.

She also confirmed that Sanz Roldan threatened her in May 2012 on behalf of Juan Carlos. She said that Sanz Roldan contacted her several times about the sensitive financial documents, which she would have received from the then king. He would have threatened her and her children with death. His words made her โ€œterrified.โ€

Corinnas testimony is part of the case against the infamous police chief Jose Manuel Villarejo, who is accused of slander for alleged false charges against Sanz Roldan. According to Villarejo, he would be guilty of large-scale corruption.