Corona app online, test phase in Overijssel, Drenthe and parts Gelderland

The app works via bluetooth and thus registers which other users of the app you are close to. If you are sick, you inform all your contacts, after permission of the GGD, that you are infected.

For the time being, the latter only works in some GGD regions in the east of the country. These are the provinces of Drenthe and Overijssel and the regions Gelderland-Zuid, Gelderland-Oost and Gelderland-Noord. Initially, the app was to be tested in Twente and Rotterdam, but the GGD in Rotterdam did not yet appear to be ready for it.


Registering contacts already works everywhere, even outside the mentioned regions. But if someone’s contact turns out to be carrying the virus, users outside these regions will not be notified. This will only happen from 1 September.

The app uses functionality that Google and Apple have built in to make this kind of research possible. The Authority for Personal Data has conducted research into the app, which is likely to be published early next week.

Did people actually download the corona app? We asked it on the street: