Corona experts satisfied: no major increase in infections

Once again, the number of corona infections in our country hasn’t increased dramatically. Experts at the RIVM are happy with that. More people were tested last week, but the number of infections has remained more or less the same.

Every Tuesday the RIVM announces how many people have had themselves tested and how many people have the virus. Although the experts are pleased that there has not been a large increase, they do warn that people have to stick to the rules. “We’re not there yet,” says Aura Timen.


Most of the people being tested are adults, but children are also getting tested. Some 47,000 children have been tested recently. A small part of them, 260 children, actually had the virus. A few children had to go to the hospital, but none of them died from it.

Tamara went to a test street to see how a test goes. You can see it in the video below: