Corona fuckte Lift up: And those sleeves really dont have a humor

Guus Til had a hard time during the corona period, the new Feyenoorder tells Andy van der Meyde. The midfielder was abroad when fate struck.
Til played after leaving AZ for Spartak Moscow and SC Freiburg. โ€œI was abroad for two years and corona mentally fucked me up,โ€ says Til at Bij Andy in the Car. โ€œIn recent years, I havent been to the Netherlands once, just abroad. All restaurants closed, sitting alone at home workout. Are you with those sleeves too,โ€ Til laughs. โ€œThat doesnt make you happy either. They really dont have humor. In the end I was happy to be out of there. Im just honest, right? I also missed family and friends. Also with corona, you really cant imagine that. Those walls are coming at you.โ€
โ€œI still want to succeed abroad. I have that urge. But I want to perform for a year first and then try it again. We
re going to see it, you dont know how it goes,โ€ says Til.