Corona measures in England on July 19, largely lifted

The remaining corona measures in England will be lifted from July 19. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce that during a press conference on Monday. The British government reports that Johnson will set out his plans for the latest easing in England, including his plans around keeping distance, wearing masks, and working from home.

According to the UK Government, while the number of infections in the country is increasing due to the Delta variant, this does not result in more hospital admissions or deaths for the time being.

Johnson is expected to say at the press conference that people will learn to live with the coronavirus, as they already do with the flu at the moment. For example, people will still get seriously ill due to the virus and die from its consequences, but this will occur much less than for the large-scale vaccination campaign in the UK.

The United Kingdom is at a relatively advanced stage of its vaccination campaign. On Sunday 86 percent of the population had at least one shot. 64 percent have already received a second vaccine.

Nevertheless, the number of infections is increasing again in recent weeks as a result of the Delta variant of the virus that is now dominant. That is why the last relaxations were postponed by four weeks earlier, so that more people could invent first.

On July 12, the knot on the continuation of the easing will be finally cut.