Corona offences near Hamburg: Police dissolve wild party on Elbe river bank


The distance rule seemed to be only a recommendation for them. 35 mostly underage teenagers gathered on Friday evening on the banks of the Elbe in Bullenhausen (Harburg district) and started a wild party there. The police broke up the colourful hustle and bustle.

According to the police, the officers were alerted by local residents during the night on Saturday night. Bawling and loud music, whose basses were booming from a generator-powered music system, robbed them of their sleep. On the banks of the Elbe, the officers met 35 mostly underage persons.

Here they found the same number of violations of the Corona Ordinance. The policemen decided to dissolve the party and ordered the partygoers to clean up their legacies in the form of beverage cans and bottles.

“The kids reacted to this in an unreasonable and uncooperative manner,” a police spokesman said. A fine was imposed on all of them.