Corona or not, here even the doctors in hospitals

Doctors and nurses in dozens of state hospitals in Myanmar intend to strike from Wednesday in protest against the military coup in the country.

They are thus responding to calls from activists and politicians for peaceful opposition to the coup dรฉtat, which the army claims to be constitutional.

Pots and pans

While the UN Security Council met urgently in a digital session to discuss the situation in Myanmar, Yangons residents kicked off a civil disobedience campaign tonight with a massive noise protest. Throughout the city, from their homes and from balconies, they beat as hard as they could on metal pots and pans, and honked and shouted with all their power.

Some cried โ€œLong live Mother Aung San Suu Kyi!โ€ , the bourgeois leader of Myanmar, who was imprisoned by the army on Monday.

Her party, the National League for Democracy, encouraged nonviolent protest. That call reflects a letter that was said to come from Suu Kyi himself and appeared on her Facebook page earlier this week, encouraging everyone to stand up against the coup.


In the city of Mandalay, doctors at a state hospital declared that they refuse to work under a dictatorship and cannot accept the armys seizure of power.