Corona report confirms that cabinet is ‘just messing around’, says opposition

The opposition in the House of Representatives finds it worrying that it is still unclear what the effect was of radical corona measures such as the curfew and the face mask requirement, especially now that the infections are rising again. The parties see in the report of the Research Council for Safety (OVV) a confirmation of what they have always called.

โ€œExactly! The effect of the restrictions on freedom is unclearโ€, says PVV MP Fleur Agema, โ€œyet the minister of VWS has sent a law to the House to legally enshrine them.โ€

Agema is talking about a proposal to amend the Public Health Act, which will make it easier for the government to take measures if an epidemic occurs again.

‘Unfortunately no surprise

SP MP Maarten Hijink mentions the OVV‘s conclusion that too little is still known about the elaboration of the measures, โ€œunfortunately no surprise, but still very fierceโ€. He says that the opposition often asked about the effects in the corona debates, but that the cabinet โ€œnever wanted to investigate them seriouslyโ€.

โ€œThe cabinet is just messing around,โ€ says PvdA leader Attje Kuiken. โ€œStill no good evaluations or substantiated plans. And the infection rates are rising again. I’d love to see an approach that everyone can rely on with confidence.โ€

‘Cabinet, learn and evaluate

Lisa Westerveld of GroenLinks tweeted that everyone understands that things go wrong in a crisis. โ€œBut to combat the virus effectively and maintain support, we need to know what works. That‘s why we’re calling on the cabinet: learn and evaluate.โ€

The OVV issued a second report on the corona approach this morning. The conclusion is that it is still unclear whether controversial measures have helped, because the cabinet has barely โ€œmonitored and evaluatedโ€ the effects.

The cabinet says it will study the latest OVV report in the coming weeks. Then it comes with a comprehensive response to the findings and recommendations.

The RIVM also does not yet provide a comprehensive substantive response to the report. The institute says that, on the recommendation of the OVV, it will draw up so-called โ€œrules of procedureโ€ for the OMT. In a general sense, such regulations contain basic agreements about division of roles and division of tasks.

GGD relieved

The GGD says it is pleased with the recognition of the research council. The OVV concluded that the slow start of the first vaccination round was not the fault of the GGDs. The cabinet was so focused on the scenario that GPs would sting that the GGDs were โ€œonly instructed in December to set up large-scale vaccination locations as of the beginning of Januaryโ€.

Due to a major effort by umbrella organization GGD GHOR and the GGDs, the backlog with other countries was caught up in the first quarter of 2021, the report states. โ€œThat is why I would like to congratulate the thousands of people who have worked to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Both the many permanent GGD employees and the people who provided temporary support,โ€ says CEO Andrรฉ Rouvoet to the ANP.